What is Camp Dear Handmade Life?


Camp Dear Handmade Life is a dream that took over a year to develop. When the whole world seemed to be transitioning to online events, I pushed against it because:

  • I was burnt out on virtual anything and everything (please don’t make me go to another Zoom birthday where we’re all talking over each other).
  • I couldn’t figure out how to translate one of the most important things we do at Dear Handmade Life from IRL to online, building community and connections.

Then, on one of my afternoon walks with my baby Luca, my mind wandered back to my early days in business. I started my first business (a VERY handmade line of stationery) when I was eight because I wanted to send letters to my pen pal. I started my clothing line in college because I wanted to wear one-of-a-kind artsy tees. One of the reasons our makers festival, Patchwork Show, was born was because I was sick of trekking to big cities to sell at craft shows. And, our conference, Craftcation, made our dream for a craft and business vacation at the beach a reality.

Everything magical, everything good, everything that changed people’s lives that we’ve made was born from necessity. And, instead of creating what I “should” create, I always created what I wanted, what I thought was missing. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t the only one who needed handmade stationery, or bespoke t-shirts, or a dose of local creativity and community, or a life-changing conference at the beach.

And now I know that I’m not the only one who’s sick of being cooped up in the same “Groundhog Day” routine at home, and who wants to infuse some connection-making growth and education into her life.

Instead of creating a virtual event that fit the mold, we began to create the kind of event that we wanted to attend. It was time to do what all great entrepreneurs and artists always do… break the rules!

And through many many hours of brainstorming, countless sessions of furiously jotting down ideas at 3am when that classic middle-of-night inspiration struck, and refining, research and reimagining… Camp Dear Handmade Life took shape and evolved into the incredible at-home summer camp experience that I can’t wait to share with you.


An at-home summer camp experience where you’ll take part in six purpose-driven weeks of small group and solo creative activities and meaningful conversations in our Camp DHL Virtual Cabins… all designed to spark inspiration, nurture intimate connections, and boost your motivation.

Whether you’re…

  • A business owner looking for inspiration to reignite your spark and education to help you scale up
  • A crafter who’s ready to take your at-home creative adventures to the next level
  • Feeling stuck and need help weaving the net so you can leap into your next big thing
  • Longing for that hard-to-find camaraderie that’s been even tougher to find during quarantine
  • Ready for a purpose-driven experience in goal-setting and self-exploration
  • …or any combo of the above.

Camp Dear Handmade Life was created just for you!

In just a few hours a week, you can start working towards your next bold beautiful transformation.


Camp Dear Handmade Life will help you:

📝 • Get in touch with what you really want, devise an action plan to get it and then bring it all to fruition through our goal-getting for creatives weekly itinerary.

💻 • Learn from 26 live and replay business and craft classes
🧘🏽‍♀️ • Take care of yourself with wellness activities like yoga, meditation and journaling.
🏕 • You’ll be custom matched to a virtual cabin where you’ll meet weekly with your cabinmates for accountability, support and activities.

💻 • We’ll close with a 3-day online summit featuring live expert-led business and craft classes with interactive discussions, wellness sessions like meditation, yoga and journaling and online social gatherings!

Our team did a test run of Camp DHL to fine tune the Weekly Cabin Itinerary and… that’s how I know you’re going to love it. Because the experience transformed us.

More than anything else, I want you to experience what we shared. How we bonded. How we reconnected with ourselves. How we explored our goals and created action plans. How we got into the creative flow.

You know you have to move past your comfort zone to find the experiences and people that bring on those bold, magical transformations. 

Ready to spend the summer together?

Join the Camp Dear Handmade Life waiting list. Tickets go on sale April 1, 2021 at 9am PT.

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