Craftcation Alumni Story: The Heart of Craftcation

Editor’s note: This is part of our series of stories from Craftcation Alumni. You can see the rest of the posts and more business tips here.

We wanted to share some first-hand accounts of what Craftcation is like from our Alumni. Because we can rave all day about how awesome it is but it’s helpful for prospective attendees to hear about it from some unbiased points of view. If you want answers to some of the questions we get asked often by prospective attendees, click here.

If you’re a regular here at Dear Handmade Life then likely you already know about our once a year event: Craftcation Business and Makers Conference. If you’re new here, then welcome!

Craftcation 2017 registration is open! If you want to join us for four life-changing days of making, meeting and learning at the beach in California and have an inspiring experience you’ll never forget, register now. Craftcation has sold out EVERY YEAR since it started five years ago, so don’t delay.

-Nicole S.

How attending a creative conference changed my business and creativity from Dear Handmade Life

The Heart of Craftcation by Faye Weiss:

*This post originally appeared on Faye’s Facebook page.

Let’s get personal for a (long-winded) moment: I heard about Craftcation: Business and Makers Conference two years ago on a fabulous podcast I listen to, Elise Gets Crafty, and couldn’t wait to go. I’m lucky that this event is hosted relatively close to me, in Ventura, CA, but regardless I was anxious to go!

This past April, I attended #Craftcation16. I went alone. It was terrifying. Although I can be quite chatty, large groups intimidate me and I had no buddy (hah) by my side to make it easier. But you know what? Crafty people are so cool. It helps to keep in mind that you have a common interest – you are makers. That is why you are here. The woman ahead of me in line to register said hello and started chatting with me and not only was it nice to meet someone else there already, she continued to check in with me throughout the conference. Amazing right?

Any remaining nerves wore off within hours. I went to an opening info session, and instantly felt better. One of the organizers (Nicole Stevenson) and presenter (Meighan O’Toole) were approachable and brought down the wall I had built between presenters and attendees – because they were just as interested in learning and absorbing the experience as I was! This event was followed by a walking cocktail tour (hello, right up my alley!) and I was hooked.

The long weekend continued with learning new crafts, absorbing as much business information as I could, constantly meeting to new people and running back into my quickly-established friends. I was exhausted by the end, but in the most fabulous way!

Still with me? #Craftcation17 registration is open and you should get on board with me. Craftcation is a little bit business, a little bit craft classes, and whole lot of creative energy and amazing people. The dates are April 27-30, 2017.

Lastly, #Craftcation16 was seriously the most invigorating and inspiring event I’ve attended. As someone in the midst of figuring out a career change, it was crucial. To see so many women thriving as makers and sharing information about what they do made me realize I really could do this too. I’m still in the up-and-coming stages of my business, but just you wait. In need of technical editing for knit or crochet patterns? Drop me a line. And I hope to see you at #Craftcation17!

You can get to know Faye and her work here.

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