DIY Geometric Vinyl Necklace Tutorial

DIY Geometric Vinyl Necklace Tutorial from Dear Handmade Life

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Now onto our DIY project…

My early teens happened during the 1980s. If you were around during those times you’ll likely remember the joys of jelly shoes and jelly bracelets, teased up bangs with tons of Aqua-Net hairspray, leg warmers, the Walkman, Cabbage Patch Kids, Pac-Man… Oh man I could go on for pages talking about all the stuff from the 1980’s that I thought was cool at the time but by the 1990’s I was totally done with.

Then a few years ago the 1980’s style came creeping back. I started seeing girls wearing babydoll dresses and high-waisted acid washed denim jeans. You’ll never catch me in a pair of acid washed jeans BUT there is one 1980’s trend that has come back that I’m totally on board with… geometric shapes. Someone gave me a bunch of vinyl samples from an interior decorator’s studio. Since the samples are pretty small (most of them are about five inches) my first thought on how to re-purpose them was jewelry.

Not only did this DIY geometric vinyl necklace allow me to reuse something that someone was about to throw away but it pays homage to my 1980’s youth but with a modern aesthetic. If you aren’t on the receiving end of a bunch of vinyl samples like I was, you can hit up your local interior decorator shop and ask for any outdated samples or check out the home décor section of a fabric store. One of the things I love most about this project is the freedom in choosing the colors, shapes and composition. Even though I won’t be wearing it with leg warmers and jelly shoes it still brings a bit of the 1980’s aesthetic trend into my wardrobe. #mixtapesrock #80s4ever

To check out the full tutorial head over to Bernina’s blog We All Sew.

-Nicole S.

DIY Geometric Vinyl Necklace Tutorial from Dear Handmade LifeDIY Geometric Vinyl Necklace Tutorial from Dear Handmade LifeDIY Geometric Vinyl Necklace Tutorial from Dear Handmade Life

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