Maker: Michelle of Blonde Peacock

I’ve recently seen the passion of photography being developed in my oldest daughter, and I’ve enjoyed watching her refine her art as she photographs and makes things with her prints.  Michelle’s technique of printing her photographs on textiles is something that really caught my eye.  Meet Michelle of Blonde Peacock and go check her out in person at her next market!


 Please introduce yourself!

Hello! I am Michelle Bassler, creator of Blonde Peacock. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA but have lived and traveled to many places around the world. Most recently, I moved to Oakland from Los Angeles to manage a live/work artist community and have an expansive space to do my work in.

blonde peacock

What do you make or do?

I have always been interested in the arts, particularly drawing and photography. After participating in some art shows and not wanting to part with my creations, I took an interest in screen printing because of the ability to reproduce the image over and over again. Now, I collect items or take photos in California and around the world and turn those into designs that I hand screen print on to textiles. I currently have a line that consists of tank tops, dresses, pullovers, crop tops, tees and baby onesies, but I will be adding new products soon!

blonde peacock

Where can we find your things?

You can find me online at or  -or-  in person at some of my favorite markets, like SF Etsy Emporium, Renegade Craft Fair, Urban Air Market or Artists&Fleas in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles or NYC.

Who are the makers that inspire you?

I’m inspired by all of the makers who constantly stay on the grind. It’s challenging to switch the brain from creative mode to business mode, but I see lots of small business owners, especially women, doing it all the time. It’s quite impressive and gives me strength to keep going.

blonde peacock

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration all around and different things have inspired me at different moments. I feel most excited when I am in nature and see a really cool pattern on a leaf, the colors of a beautiful flower or some hanging moss. The natural, botanical theme shows up a lot in my designs. I also find inspiration while traveling. I think the best part is shutting off from being constantly connected and just being able to take in the world around you. Some of my best-selling designs are photos that I took in Indonesia and India.  blonde peacock I just want to say “Thank You!” to my customers for supporting me along the way.

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