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One winter, I spent a weekend at my husbands’ family cabin, and decided to give my newly acquired knitting skill a go. The weather alternated between snow, slush, rain, thunder and lightning, so the best place to be was inside, under a warm blanket with the TV on. I had been recently taught how to knit, so I didn’t take on anything harder than a thin scarf for my husband. So I sat, and I knitted. And I knitted, and knitted and knitted. And it was the ugliest, worst thing that I ever made. I impatiently pulled out row after row of misshapen stitches, and tried again. And I failed again. And again. And again. Whoever said that “anyone could knit” was surely wrong, because I certainly didn’t have the finger skills, or the patience, or the ability to even count rows to make sure that the scarf was the same width. All that being said, I give admirable props to anyone who can make beautiful things with yarn and needles. And Monique absolutely can. Her creations are beautiful, and cozy and perfectly wonderful! They make me almost wish that I hadn’t thrown the knitting needles into the trash on the way home. Almost.

Meet Monique and enjoy her adorable things!


 Please introduce yourself.

I’m Monique! I am currently living in San Francisco bay area; I was born here and I absolutely love it! There are so many creative and innovative people living in this area so it is nearly impossible to not be inspired by the fashion, the creativity and the passion that so many in this area exude.

What do you make or do?

I have been knitting for nearly four years in a public capacity and ten years overall. I started my company (Luna Moon Knits) with my newborn niece in mind. My sister-in-law was in search of a neck covering that would keep her daughter warm without being too stuffy and that could also be an easy accessory to simply grab and go. With all of that in mind, I created my first baby/toddler scarf, the Marie , named for my niece. Don’t be fooled, however! I may have started my shop by creating warm, comfortable scarves/snoods for babies and children but the majority of my scarves are for adults as well!

Where can we find your creations?

You can find me on Etsy! My shop name is Luna Moon Knits. Just follow the link  You can also find a link to my Etsy shop through my facebook page!

Is there an interesting story behind the name of your business? How did the name come about?

It was not difficult to choose the name for my business. As soon as I looked into my nieces eyes, I knew she had to be the face and name of my company. I started by making only baby scarves but as I grow and mature as a maker, I continue with the same notion that I had when I first started knitting. Just like the babies and adults that my snoods and scarves bring warmth to, LunaMoonKnits is centered on the idea that all handmade, simple and beautiful items should be cherished.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes for the majority of my scarves from my niece. When creating, I always keep her in mind by asking myself the question, would the little fashionista wear it? If I feel it would have her approval, I know that I’ve created something worth sharing with the world. My mom has also been an important muse of mine; she is my number one fan and the first person I go to when I have a new design. She always gives constructive criticism and I know that she is always in my corner. I love and appreciate her more than she will ever know.

What would be your perfect day off?

I do not need much to have a perfect day; simplicity is where I find my happiness. My favorite days are cold and rainy ones (hence the scarf obsession)! My perfect day off would be spent with the people I love. On this day, I would likely be baking something, drinking a hot soy chai tea wrapped in several blankets and a movie or two would definitely be thrown in there somewhere.

What inspiring advice would you give to other creatives be they established or just starting out?

Never give up. If you find something that you love to do, persevere. Start small, gain an audience and do not be afraid to approach family and friends to maintain their honest opinions. There may be many others working in your field but you are not them and they are not you. Be entirely yourself and your passion and love for what you do will resonate in your work. Find your passion, life is too short to not try.

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