Podcast Episode 100: Coping with Crisis in Business with Lela Barker

Coping with Crisis in Business Dear Handmade Life podcast Lela Barker

Welcome to our Coping with Crisis in Business podcast series where I’ll be chatting with inspiring business owners that are pushing themselves and their businesses to survive and even thrive during this unimaginable, unprecedented and unpredictable COVID-19 crisis. While we will be focusing on COVID-19, much of what we talk about will apply to other types of crises as well.

This week I’m chatting with our first guest in this series, Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting. Lela is a multi-year Craftcation Conference presenter, previous guest on our podcast and a woman to whom I turn to for mentorship with this business. I’ve described her as part tough love Southern auntie, part business guru and part inspirational speaker who takes business owners to a magical place where they don’t just discover (or remember) why they’re pursuing their dreams but have a roadmap to get there. Be sure to check out Lela’s COVID-19 Resource Center

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  1. It was so good to have this podcast back! I really missed it! What a great episode too! It was very helpful. Congratulations Nicole on your new baby! I’m sorry to hear about all the problems you had leading up to his birth. Thank you for starting up with the podcast again.

  2. Congratulations on your new baby Nicole! DHL is one of my favorite podcasts and especially this episode. I appreciate how you and Lela kept it real, as always. Thank you and I wish you all the best! Stay healthy and safe!

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