Podcast episode 24: Second Chances with Sé Reed

Second Chances with Se Reed on The Dear Handmade Life PodcastThis week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast we’re drinking Golden Coast Mead and talking to Sé Reed about second chances. Have you ever done something and wished that you could start over and do again? Sometimes we can but when you have a business, starting over is difficult and sometimes what you learned from the experience is better left as advice for future entrepreneurs. In today’s episode we talk with Sé Reed, a regular Craftcation Conference presenter, business adviser and web designer. She also owned the popular Long Beach indie bookstore {open} books for almost a decade closing in 2012. Just recently, Open, opened again and Delilah and Nicole talk with Sé about a new start in familiar territory, lessons she has learned and what we can gain from a second chance. Sé talks about how you need to be possessed with passion to start a new project, how Kurt Vonnegut is her spirit animal, her newest version of Open Bookstore, which she describes as a literary installation that combines her love of the analog world and technology plus she reminds us that no one is judging you based on the expectations in your head.

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P.S. Here are links to a few things we mentioned in the episode: Open Bookstore and the article on Blake Lively’s Preserve.us website closing that inspired this episode. If you want to know more about Preserve closing check out these articles on Elle and ABC.

-Delilah + Nicole

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Second Chances with Se Reed on The Dear Handmade Life Podcast Second Chances with Se Reed on The Dear Handmade Life Podcast

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