Three Ways Craftcation Changed My Life

Editor’s Note: Mélissa Peng is joining us on the blog today to discuss how attending our Craftcation Conference changed her life and her business. I was lucky enough to meet Mélissa at our makers and small business conference in 2016 when we were both first-timers.

Then in 2018, when I was able to return to the conference, I was thrilled to see Mélissa had returned not as an attendee but as a presenter! I attended Mélissa’s class called Define or Refine Your Marketing Strategy and literally changed the trajectory of my business plan. She asked questions that I’d never considered. Her rapid fire method of getting to the heart of your struggles was exactly what I needed.

We are so excited to welcome Mélissa back to Craftcation 2019 and hope you’ll come and witness her marketing brilliance in real life with us.

Enough from me – let’s hear from Mélissa!

xo, katie mac

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How attending Craftcation Conference changed my life and business from Dear Handmade Life

The day I walked into the doors of Craftcation 2016, work laptop in hand, I did not realize that I was stepping into my future. That weekend set me on a path and gave me the resources, encouragement, and support that would ultimately change my life forever.

Three Ways Craftcation Changed My Life
1. Confidence

When I started my journey at Craftcation 2016 I had just picked up a very expensive hobby of silk flower making. Having been in corporate marketing for seven years I had an inkling that I could do more with my craft and I liked that the conference had a business component. The most important thing that Craftcation gave me was confidence, confidence to call my hobby a business and to start thinking of myself as a designer and an entrepreneur. Confidence to pick up a camera, apply to a craft show (Patchwork Show), try new product categories, talk to potential customers… I walked in the door with maybe 30 silk flowers under my belt, by the next year I had new product photography, a website, experience at over 30 events, and a true hair accessories brand: camellias and curls!

2. Self-Discovery

One of the workshops I took was a Photography 101 class. As a marketer I knew the power of photography and had been privy to the large scale photo shoots done in corporate but the small hacks and tips we learned really changed my perspective. Coming out of the conference I invested in some paper backgrounds for camellias and curls, and then I partnered with a photographer or two, and eventually started shooting myself. The images not only took my brand to a new level but helped me re-discover a passion for art direction, photography, and content creation. I used camellias and curls photography to showcase more diverse models – something I wanted to do but couldn’t control in corporate. I also used the new equipment I bought to launch my couples vlog, Chocolate Covered Chopstix and most recently took the leap into YouTube for Curly Executive marketing videos.

3. Support

Beside the things your learn in workshops or classes at Craftcation, the support is probably what has stood out the most to me. After my first year I kept in contact with some of the speakers at the event who encouraged me to apply to shows, the Patchwork Shows were my first big shows, and I used the Craft Show Success Online Workshop on Dear Handmade Life to help prepare. The following year my same Craftcation network would encourage me to get out there and speak and support the launch of Curly Executive. Adrienne Wiley, who I saw speak my first year, was the first person to support my consulting brand and even served as a mentor when I was making the tough decision to leave corporate.

I finally feel that I have found my purpose with Curly Executive and if hadn’t been for the support and encouragement from the women at Craftcation I am not sure I would have gotten here, certainly not this quickly. Craftcation, Patchwork, and Dear Handmade Life, have all been there along the way, beacons along my path to finding a recipe for my personal happiness.

What I love most is that what I found ultimately gives back to others.

How attending a creative conference changed my life and business from Dear Handmade Life
Mélissa teaching at Craftcation

About Mélissa
How attending a creative conference changed my life and business from Dear Handmade Life
Mélissa arriving at Craftcation

Mélissa Peng a.k.a the Curly Executive is an award winning corporate brand marketer turned entrepreneur, content creator, and business coach.

Mélissa’s journey in marketing started at the ripe young age of eight as her mother’s right hand woman in door to door makeup sales and eventually several network marketing organizations. After completing her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management she held roles with marketing behemoths including Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, & NBC Universal. Currently her focus has been sharing the knowledge she’s accumulated from this wide array of marketing experience via in-person workshops, YouTube videos, and consulting.

When she is not consulting she is usually making silk flower hair accessories and crowns for her brand camellias and curls or vlogging with her husband on their couples YouTube channel Chocolate Covered Chopstix.

Mélissa is an avid traveler, speaks several languages, and has worked and lived in the USA, France, Italy, India, China, Singapore, and Korea. She is passionate about working with diverse clientele and has a soft spot for female entrepreneurs and crafters.

Craftcation Alumni and Attendees are eligible to receive a Free Marketing Worksheet Download & 25% off all services to celebrate the launch of If you’re an alum or current attendee, check our private online alumni community for the code.

Follow Mélissa online: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website

How attending a creative conference changed my life and business from Dear Handmade Life
From Mélissa’s line camellias and curls
How attending a creative conference changed my life and business from Dear Handmade Life
How attending a creative conference will revolutionize your business from Dear Handmade Life
Three ways my business changed drastically after attending a creative conference from Dear Handmade Life

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